Monday, October 10, 2011

The Words Belong To It.

I have often been asked by students when I was going to teach them something. They are seeking something new, fresh and original. When I explain that no such thing exists they become confused and sometime even defensive.

I don't lay claim to the teachings I speak or write as "mine" because they are a result of years of studying the the teachings of ancient masters, the sutras, teachers I have had and my own experiences. And I can find no line the clearly separates them from each other.

Whether I quote something word for word or if I rearrange the words in my own thoughts, none of the words or thoughts belong to anyone. They are all a result of teachings and experiences, a result of Buddha Nature and Buddha Nature belongs to no one but to everything. Who speaks the words doesn't really matter, Buddhadharma, Dogen Zenji, or even the Buddha himself because the words belong to us all. We are all stream and within this stream there is not one drop of water that is separate from another drop of water.

They may be called Teachers and Masters but the true teacher or master doesn't see himself or herself in that way. The true teacher of the way doesn't teach but rather helps the student to build within themselves the tools necessary to answer the questions they themselves are asking.

There is a joy and synergy in the simple beauty in arriving at a deeper understanding of nature around you, because this is our own true nature, it is Buddha Nature and the words belong to it.