Daily Thoughts

                   Finding Truth
 Picture if you will that there are hundreds of people standing in a vast an open field so far apart that they cannot see each other, in the middle of this field stands a great tree which no one can see. Each person has dug a hole which has exposed a root. Each person keeps digging and exposing more and more of their root and following it as they dig. As they keep digging and following they notice that the root keeps changing. It shape its size sometimes it branches off to smaller roots but they keep following it. After a while the root has gotten so big that you dont have to dig in order to see it and so following it becomes easier, now all you have to do is see it right there in front of you.

Each person keeps following their root noticing that it keeps changing with every step. It gets bigger, there are different shapes, some places on the root are covered in moss, some place the root is very dark and others it is very light.

After a long time of following their roots people start arriving at the tree. They dont arrive at different trees but the same tree.

When each person first exposed their root it was their truth even though it may have been different looking than everyone else's truth, and as they followed it, their truth started to change the more they dug the more it changed until it became clearer and clearer and they didn't have to dig they just had to follow what they had found. But in the end their individual truths lead to the same place. When we reach this place where we started no longer matters and all we can really tell anyone on the path is to keep digging and following their truth.

From The Basement of Time
From the basement of time a pure and clear spring emerged. The spring became a stream and that stream became a mighty river. that river branched off to become many rivers so that everyone might drink its waters. Each river took on different characteristics in different lands and each received different names. But the waters, the waters are the same.

     Peace within a storm
The wind chimes sing a peaceful song, even though the wind blows gale.

  Zen Buddhist Priest?

I am just a student who sometimes has the privileged of sharing what I found to be true and sometimes the honor of learning from those who are wiser than I. 


        Seeing Completely

Hellen Keller said "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the hart"

To see before thoughts, before words, before even the beginning of an idea, is to see completely.

              In My youth

In my youth I had wanted to be an artist. But then I realized, who could ever capture the true beauty of nature? No matter how beautiful the painting, would you be able to feel the warm spring breeze? would you be able to smell the flowers? would you be able to hear the river? Would you be able to feel the earth beneath your feet? Would you be able to hear the song of the birds in the air? So I never became an artist. Instead, today I sit silently in the mist of all this natural beauty, forget myself, and become the art. 

       A Broken Tea Cup

A broken tea cup. Did we never think that it would break? Or did we realize that from its beginning it was already broken? Did we enjoy every sip of tea we had from it or did we take for granted that it would always be with us? Did we weep when the tea cup broke or did we find solace in knowing that the tea cup was finally truly empty?


  In solitude I have never felt alone, But when feeling lonely solitude I could not find.

       Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.


 Many of us think we will put off living until we are ready. Not realizing that the most prominent characteristic of life is its urgency, Its here and now, there is no possibility of postponement.

Let me respectfully remind you,
Life and death are of supreme importance,
Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost.
Each of us should strive to awaken,
Awaken, take heed! Do not squander your life.

   Practice Wisdom

People may doubt what we say,
   but they will never doubt what we do.


I looked down at my feet today while I was working in the garden, 
  they were covered in mud and I couldn't tell where the earth stopped and I began. Then I realized we don't. 
            It was good feeling.