Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sacred preyers

I have not heard of a single Buddha, past or present, who has been enlightened by sacred prayers and scriptures.

~Bassui, The Wisdom of the Zen Masters~

And the Buddha said "Cut off five" (The lower five fretters of self delusion, doubt, attachment to rites and ceremonies, sensuality, and ill will)


  1. Rites and ceremonies can be the best and the worst thing, to speak in Esope way.The best if they are and remain opportunities to meet other people and "doors" to prepare your mind to go further and beyond your everyday life: this is a question of pure reason.The worst if they are or become a ultimate goal or a label that do us part from each other: this is a question of faith lacking reason and unfortunately it's too common nowadays...

  2. I agree, rites and rituals can be great tools to help in ones practice but so often I see people become attached to these things and miss the opportunity to grow. While these thing can be helpful they can also hinder. You have to keep in mind that our path is a path of letting go. In order to pass through the Gateless Gate we have to leg go of all our attachments, including rites and rituals. We even have to let go of being Buddhist. Today so many people work so hard at being Buddhist that they miss the opportunity of becoming Buddha.

  3. Let's say it in a few words, that's the path to an empty mind!
    But I'm afraid lots of people won't understand easily this post and our comments...

  4. I recommend this book:

    "The book of Buddhas: Ritual symbolism used on
    Buddhist statuary and ritual objects"
    Eva Rudy Jansen
    ISBN 978-90-74597-02-9