Monday, March 14, 2011


Frustration arises when we feel that we are not making progress. We try to measure the unmeasurable. Left unchecked or allowed to grow this frustration can lead us to abanden our practice. And just become another one of the flock. we may think by giving up there would be no more ties to the force that drive us to seek for truth. But this force is something deep inside us that will not just be turned off, so stay the path and leave your yardstick behind, for our path is not to anything but rather away from. We are not going anywhere there is no destination and no matter how far we travel we can only be right here where we are.

Holding a flashlight out in front of us in the dark may shine a light on the near future but no matter how fast we walk we will never be where that light shines. We travel in this moment, we breath in this moment, it is impossible to live outside of this moment. So let go of frustration, judgement and thoughts of achievement. In this moment there is no progress to be made.


  1. This frustration can be a real trap if you walk alone on the path... so it's really important to have the opportunity to share the questions that come into your life...

    And as Confucius said, you are great if you can stand up again each time you fall.

  2. Our paths may cross another's path at which time we have an opportunity to teach as well as learn. After a while, no matter who we have encountered on our journey, our paths will again part. We may look at this as if for a while we had someone walking with us on our path but in reality our path can only be traveled in solitude. We can't travel another's path nor can anyone else travel ours.

    So yes it is most important to seize the opportunity when another traveler of the way crosses our path to share the questions and the realities that have come into our life along our own path.

  3. "...our path can only be traveled in solitude..." Even if I understand what you mean,
    I'm afraid such words could look very pessimistic for lots of readers, at least at first glimpse... To be more constructive, shall we say "...our path can only be traveled under our own responsibility..."?

  4. While I will agree that we each are responsible for our own enlightenment or spiritual growth. I think it would be better to explain what solitude means in this context for those who see solitude as some kind gloomy existence rather than take away from the meaning of this text.

    Often we associate solitude with loneliness but in a spiritual sense they are nothing the same. Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.

    When I say that we can only travel our path in solitude I am referring to the inner journey that we must take to understand the true nature of our existence, who we truly are. This journey into self can only be traveled in solitude which has nothing to do with being alone.

    To sit in silence and journey inward, to truly experience this solitude one will find the beautiful richness of ones true self. Once one experiences this spiritual solitude never again will they know loneliness.

    We grow up in a world where everyone is telling us to be better, to learn more, to be somebody, that we have to change something or we need to get something in order to be complete. We grow up believing that there is something wrong with us. What we learn is that we are not enough unto our self, that we need teachers, gurus, therapists, we have to learn more, become more, add more to discover our true self.

    But the path to inner discovery is simple as the truth is already hidden within you. You have always been enough unto yourself and all you have ever needed has always been within you. silent and still. waiting for you to uncover its presence.

    Its our responsibility to uncover this presence. If we never do we cannot blame our teachers, gurus or therapists for none of them can make this journey within you. The only way to discover this richness of self is to sit in silence and travel our path in spiritual solitude. As you make this solitary journey you will discover that you are already "Zen Sukoyaka" (complete and full of life).

    While there is much more to say on this topic, I hope this helps to explain what I mean by solitude.

  5. Amazing and necessary comment, Jizo San my friend!
    As English is not my native language, I'm sometimes unable to explain some ideas with the right words. Sometimes words are bricks that build walls to do us part...sometimes they build bridges between us...
    "Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self."... great quote!